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I don’t even know how to describe the level of bad ass this is.

Love the way she catches it like it’s a normal everyday thing to do 

Stella Angelova! Choreographer, stuntwoman, actor, martial artist, sets herself on fire.  No biggie.  Her demo reel at the link is fuuuuuun.

I used to want to be a stuntwoman and seeing things like this reminds me why.

(Source: land4gamers)



World’s Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

Italian product manager and web designer Francesco Mugnai recently added a collection of images to his blog touting some of the most beautiful images of abandoned spots and modern ruins that he’d ever seen. The images Mugnai has captured come from empty castles, shuttered power plants, and dilapidated churches around the world. From a sunken yacht in Antarctica to a forever-closed amusement park in Japan, these images all make up a sort of anti-phoenix; rather than rising as new from the ashes, these husks remain preserved in decomposition, forcing viewers to confront the strange beauty of ruination.

Source: Fast Co-Design

justin these would make good drawing references

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